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Two brand new mobile responsive website for two successful Northamptonshire salons

Natalie Faulkner’s salon and its adjoining barbers are brilliant examples of successful Northamptonshire businesses that put the customer experience at the heart of their operation.

When Natalie approached New Edge to discuss the possibility of developing a brand-new web presence for both businesses, we leapt at the chance.

Two business, one common goal
It was clear that the new websites needed to reflect the warm, welcoming nature of Natalie and her team, but also position both businesses as modern, contemporary and on the pulse of all things hair and beauty related.

We opted for the WordPress content management system, because we knew it provided the best platform from which to build beautiful, engaging websites to which content could be easily added.

Both businesses also run regular promotions, which made it essential that the new websites could be quickly amended to display engaging banner adverts for new offers at a moment’s notice.

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Online booking integratio

Beauty With Inn and The Inn Barbers are nothing if not modern with their approach to client booking, which is why the desire to have an online booking system was made clear from the start.

Our team successfully integrated a third party booking system seamlessly into WordPress, ensuring that clients can book treatments and haircuts without ever leaving the site. This immerses them further in the brands and provides an ultra-simple booking experience they’re likely to return to time and again.

Content marketing and social media management

A key part of Natalie’s marketing strategy lies in community engagement, and we were only too happy to assist. New Edge now provides both businesses with full social media management and content marketing, positioning them as trusted sources of information in the Northampton beauty scene and building an online persona that is as warm and inviting as a trip to their premises.

Fully mobile-ready

With most of the salon and barbers’ clients likely to visit the websites via smartphones, it was crucial a fully mobile-ready platform was provided. The team at New Edge worked tirelessly to create just that, ensuring not a single page element or part of the online booking process couldn’t be accessed on smaller screens. The result is two websites that work perfectly and allow instant booking, no matter where people happen to be located or what type of connection they have.

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