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A Complete Website Refresh

ACS365 were recognised by the Sunday Times as one of the Top 100 best companies to work for in the UK.

ACS365 provide IT solutions, Workplace furniture & interiors, Cloud Hosting and Recruitment service.

Content Management System, Responsive Web Design, User Experience, Digital Consultancy

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Making the User Experience (UX) mobile friendly

ACS365 required a new responsive design site with customer experience at the very centre. They also required a Content Management System (CMS) providing a function for staff members to manage and update content and marketing materials with ease. ACS365 wanted to help improve the user experience for customers.

Our approach to the project

We used Silverstripe CMS to ensure administration of the site didn't take over the lives of the marketing department - instead providing a functional means of creating marketing campaigns the convert visitors to leads. We took a customer centric approach and stripped the project right back to who is visiting the website, why are they doing so and what information would is required to make them convert. We hosted a User Experience (UX) workshop and created prototype wireframes that the team could interact with, while taking care of the Information Architecture and navigation structure too.

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Page block builder

To help ACS365’s internal web team effectively manage the website we created a page block builder which allows editors to build a page quickly and simply using blocks, for example a video block, image block and text block - all with drag and drop controls to layout the page. Think of it like a table, where you add rows and column and then select what elements you want inside each cell.

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Multiple data capture points

Visitors are not always ready to make a sales enquiry, in fact only around 2% of the visitors click "contact us", but that doesn't mean we should lose out on collecting their name and email address! We put in multiple data capture points to “softly convert” visitors by capturing their contact data in exchange for valuable resources like ebooks and white papers. This is known as "inbound marketing", where you use content to attract, capture and convert visitors.

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User Experience & Wireframe Workshop

The ACS365 website required a complete redevelopment, so we took the opportunity to start from a blank sheet of paper and hosted a user experience and wireframe workshop session, to bring together a high-level understanding of user needs, what the existing website was lacking and put together initial prototypes. The workshop approach meant we could get key stakeholders in the room to really push the project forward early on in the process with a complete team buy in to the project direction.

Client Testimonial

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Paul Gordon

Marketing Manager

The team at New Edge Media were a pleasure to work with, they were thorough, helpful and went the extra mile for us when needed! We are delighted with the project delivered. I highly recommend them.

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