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Web based Intranets and Extranets

What we do Web based intranets and extranets 40.75x

Fantastic time saving intranets and extranets

At Newedge we have been building internal, private, web based applications (intranets) for the past ten years. 

Over the past five years we have utilised the power of the Silverstripe CMS to make intranet and extranet systems for schools, colleges, healthcare providers, marketing service providers, networking clubs, large international retailers, promotion agencies, IT solution providers, recruitment agencies, event organisers and even other web agencies.

Why would my business need an intranet?

Think of an intranet like your own, private internet. It’s inaccessible by anyone without the right login credentials and can be tailored entirely to meet the needs of your business. Your own private internet; think about how endless the possibilities are!  Completely bespoke to your needs and your requirements.

What we do Web based intranets and extranets 10.75x
What we do Web based intranets and extranets 10.75x

Why would my business need an extranet?

Intranets are usually internal and can therefore only be accessed by staff/employees, but an extranet is a type of network where business information can be shared across the world, behind a super-secure portal to which employees, partners and customers can be granted access.

Increase efficiency and raise productivity

At Newedge we can create a bespoke intranet or extranet that acts as the perfect home for your employees, partners and customers. It’ll often be the first thing they interact with in the morning, and will call on its depth of functionality throughout the day. That means every vital piece of business information is always at their fingertips; procrastination and inaction will no longer be an option.

What we do Web based intranets and extranets 30.75x
What we do Web based intranets and extranets 40 v2.75x

Knowledge sharing

You’ve got an awful lot of knowledge within the four walls of your business, but if it currently resides in people’s heads, on post-it notes and within endless email chains, it’s incredibly hard to share. A Newedge intranet will enable the entire business to collaborate more effectively by sharing key information instantly. Remember you can control what can be seen and who can see what!

HR benefits

Your own personal intranet will enable you to centralise the HR function of your business. Health and safety regulations and employee guidance are just a finger tap away, and new starters can be brought up to speed, lightning quick.

You're most important assets, secured

Your intellectual property is vital to the sustainability and success of your business, and if it’s stored within a secure intranet, it’ll only ever be accessible to the people who need to see it. Data is now the lifeblood of companies - why leave it residing on an open server or online file sharing where cybercriminals can potentially access it?

Fully branded - fully yours

Every intranet and extranet that the Newedge team creates is fully branded and customised to meet the exacting needs of the business in question. It’s yours, no one else's, and we’ll work with you after implementation to refine and develop it further.

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What we do Web based intranets and extranets 50.75x