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If you want a business website that is easy-to-use, built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind and flexible enough to grow as you evolve, Silverstripe will exceed every expectation you have.

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Silverstripe Content Management System

When we started Newedge, we wanted our brilliant team to have only the best tools to hand. And, when it came to web design, development and deployment, there really was just one choice: Silverstripe.

If you want a business website that is easy-to-use, built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind and flexible enough to grow as you evolve, Silverstripe will exceed every expectation you have.

There’s a reason we’ve never looked beyond Silverstripe for web design and development. Our team knows it like the backs of their hands, and we invest continually in training to ensure we keep up-to-date with a platform that remains resolutely at the cutting edge of web technology.


In the age of the GDPR and increased scrutiny on IT security, your business website needs to offer its users ultimate peace of mind. With Silverstripe, you’ll gain just that and far more besides.

Silverstripe features robust security that’s threaded throughout every part of its interface and back-end technology. What’s more, and unlike many other CMSs, Silverstripe doesn’t rely on plugins from third party vendors for increased functionality; every tool it offers is created by the Silverstripe team (or us), thus eliminating the issue of rogue developers or plugins with poor security.

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We love handing completed websites over to our clients. After some brief but insightful training, virtually everyone who comes into contact with Silverstripe immediately ‘gets it’.

We know you’ll want to regularly publish blogs, update landing pages, tweak your homepage and create entirely new sections of your website without relying on a web developer, and with Silverstripe you have all the tools you need to do just that and from virtually any device you have to hand.


Newedge loves SEO. It’s a service we’ve provided to countless businesses throughout the UK for many years, but Silverstripe has played a huge role in us helping those businesses achieve great Google rankings.

There are far too many CMS platforms out there that focus on building attractive websites, but a beautiful homepage is nothing if it isn’t optimised for Google. Silverstripe has been created with SEO in mind, which means your Newedge-built website will be ready to perform brilliantly on the world’s most important search engine.

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Completely flexible

We’ve used Silverstripe to create standard business websites, eCommerce stores, online games and even full-blown web apps.

Silverstripe enables the Newedge team to ‘lift the hood’ and safely create new modules, block designs and interactive elements that help us build the most immersive web experiences for our clients. There’s no CMS on the planet that’s as flexible as Silverstripe (we know - we’ve looked!).


Why would you commission a business website that looks like countless others? Every Silverstripe CMS website we create is unique and built solely for the company in question.

We don’t work with templates, either - partly because we prefer to start from scratch, but also because Silverstripe’s easy-of-use and completely customisable back-end system enables us to create exactly what each client wants. It’s why you won’t find our websites anywhere else!

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