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Responsive & Mobile friendly Website Design

It is likely that most of your customers will be using mobiles and tablets first. Is your website ready and optimised for life on the move?

If someone visits your business website, they’ll almost definitely be using a smartphone or tablet. This is why Google now operates on a mobile-first index, which means it favours mobile websites over their desktop counterparts when it comes to ranking.

If you don’t want to alienate a large majority of your website visitors it is time to think Mobile. If you’re yet to invest in a beautiful, fully responsive mobile website, the team at Newedge is here to help.  We will ensure your business is ready to capitalise on the mobile web.

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What is Responsive Web Design?

A long time ago, websites came in one form that worked perfectly on desktop computers and laptops. Then, as mobile devices started to become more prominent, a two-pronged approach arrived with separate mobile and desktop web design.

In today's mobile friendly world you need just one single website which is designed to resizing itself to best fit the screen size in use.


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Why Newedge for your Responsive Web Design?

At Newedge, we have an expert team of designers and web developers tasked with creating websites that use the latest responsive design techniques.

With a single dynamic design, the websites we build effortlessly adjust themselves so that text, images, video and navigation elements will appear perfectly, whether they’re being viewed on a 27 inch monitor or 6 inch smartphone.

It’s time to open your digital business doors to a much wider, mobilised audience.

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Why is responsive design so important?

If you’ve ever visited a website on your smartphone only to quickly become frustrated with the way you have to pinch to zoom in and out and interact with elements on the page, or squint to read text, you’ve experienced poor web design in the mobile-first age.

With on average over fifty percent of your website’s visitors arriving via smartphones, it’s absolutely essential you provide them with an experience that is as natural as it should be, no matter the device they have to hand.

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Designing for your mobile customers

The best mobile responsive web design doesn’t cut corners, either. If someone visits your website on their smartphone, why should they be given an inferior experience? Every button, piece of text, menu and all rich content (e.g. video) should be present and fully operational on any sized screen, and we’ll always ensure that’s the case.  We will provide a design solution that covers the user experience (UX) across desk top, laptop, tablet and mobile.

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The key benefits of responsive web design

You no longer need to rely on a separate mobile website or inferior smartphone browsing experience for your visitors.

Invest in a mobile responsive website from Newedge, and you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Boosted rankings. Google operates on a mobile-first index.
  • Improved SEO. Because responsive design only requires one website and single content management system.
  • Simplified management. A content-managed, mobile responsive website from Newedge will be far easier to manage, because you’ll have just one set of pages that don’t need to be duplicated or customised for mobile devices.
  • Reach out to a huge audience. The people your business targets will be regularly on the move and in need of a convenient, undiluted experience if they decide to visit your website.
  • Improved UX and increased sales. Your website will be designed to work perfectly across all devices.

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Time to invest in a mobile responsive website?

Not having a mobile responsive website is simply no longer an option. If you want to boost your rankings on Google, improve your SEO, simplify the management of your website and reach out to an audience that’s bigger than you thought possible it is time to get in touch with Newedge today!

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Help me get my website mobile

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