Silverstripe Vs Wordpress

Why should you choose Silverstripe over Wordpress?
Here is our opinion...

Intuitive Content Editing

One of the many reasons our clients love SilverStripe is the intuitive content management system – it provides content editors with the control they need, without needing coding knowledge. It features drag and drop controls, auto image resizing, menu organisation, user management, bulk uploading and tons of other time saving features.

Reduced Development Time

SilverStripe is built on a framework called Sapphire, it’s like a Swiss army knife, with loads of functionality us developers can tap in to without the need for coding it ourselves – that means reduced development time, reduced bugs and reduced costs.  We constantly develop SilverStripe sites 50% faster than Wordpress equivalents.

Improved Performance

SilverStripe has a built in Cache Engine. What does this mean? Superfast websites. Furthermore we using additional cache like Opcode Cache to further improve the performance of your website. In a recent test a non-cached WordPress site produced 122 Request in 5.9 seconds, the same site built in Silverstripe responded with 58 requests in 3.14 seconds – that’s almost twice as fast.

Easier Design Refreshes

SilverStripe websites are built around a methodology called MVC (Model View Controller). In essence this keeps design, data and logic separate, so that when you come to wanting a design refresh we only have to play with design layer. In Wordpress you will find yourself pretty much starting from scratch and having to recode a lot of elements to fit the new design, which is more expensive and more time consuming.

Better Security

SilverStripe is renowned (especially from the New Zealand Government) for being a very secure framework – we’ve PEN tested it, tried to hack it and tried to brake it to no avail. Give us 1 hour on your Wordpress site and we’ll have a picture of Virgil the thunderbird on the homepage without a trace in sight. Wordpress’s problems come from widgets and plugins which open security holes constantly to your precious data. Don’t risk it.  

It’s Not Just a CMS Framework

Sapphire is the framework SilverStripe is built on. What does this mean? Well it’s not just a CMS, which means your website can do pretty much anything. We’ve built England’s most prestigious football venue, Wembley Stadium’s, car park booking system on it. From brochure sites to complex transaction and business critical systems, Sapphire and SilverStripe are the right choice.

We know you’ll love it

Over the last 10 years we’ve seen Content Management Systems come and go, along with the rise of Wordpress. We’ve built our fair share of Wordpress sites, and while it’s great for people that blog, we’re of the opinion that’s where it stops. For anything above that, SilverStripe is, without a doubt, the best framework and CMS combo in the open source marketplace.