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Content Managed Websites: Google loves websites that provide regular, fresh, unique content. Customers love them, too!

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It's time to put you in control

Website content shouldn’t stand still. Beyond your core service and company pages, you’ll need to add regular blogs for your content marketing campaign, create landing pages for social ads and, occasionally, adjust the odd image or two that has been bugging you.


To do this, you shouldn’t ever have to call on a web designer or invest in time learning how to code in HTML and CSS. A content managed website from Newedge will give you access to the Silverstripe CMS, which makes the complex task of editing beautiful websites beautifully simple.

Own & manage your page layouts

We build websites with the Silverstripe CMS much like a builder might construct a house; brick-by-brick, piece-by-piece. This results in a ‘block’ design, which enables you, the owner of the website, to effortless adjust the content (be it images, video, text or buttons) without having to look at a single line of code.

Every page we create is still custom-designed, but not to the point where you need a degree in software development to make edits. Need to add a new call-to-action for your latest marketing campaign? No problem. Fancy adjusting the layout of your main menu? Simple!

Thanks to drag-and-drop functionality and a WYSIWYG editor that is as familiar as Microsoft Word, your Newedge-built website is entirely your own.

own your page layouts
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Check out your edits before the world does

As you add new pages or edit existing content, the Silverstripe content management system will provide a live preview of your work. Change a button, add a paragraph of text or move a page element to a new location, and you’ll instantly see the finished article in real-time. When you’re happy, a single click will publish the page to the world!

Add new landing pages - quickly

Your online marketing campaigns will be most effective when they have dedicated landing pages for the offer, new product or event you’re promoting. With a content managed website from Newedge, adding new pages is a breeze. Simply pick a pre-existing template or start from scratch and build your lovely new page by adding content blocks.

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were still on hand

We’re still on hand

You’ll find our CMS a doddle to use and, just like so many other Newedge clients, fall in love with how easily you can create new pages, edit existing content, change design elements and upload images and video.

But, if you fancy a helping hand or some one-to-one training, our team is always here to help and our coffee is great.

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