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Website support and Customer Service

We don't just build it and hide. Our dedicated support & customer service team is here to help ensure you get the most from your website.

customer support and maintenance

Proactive maintenance and support


We have a team of support personnel to answer any questions you might have, from setting up email accounts to adding an image into your website. No matter what your need we can provide you with the help and support you expect.

Dedicated on-line support

Our Customer Services Support Team is available between 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday-Friday (defined as office hours) excluding bank holidays and holiday office closures. Our support team is there to help our customers get the most from their website.
We have dedicated Support Portal for our customers to help them to manage their website and to enable them to raise and manage all their enquiries.

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What we do Website support and customer service 10.75x

Our Support team is here to help

Sometimes despite best endeavours things can and do go wrong.
No matter what the problem is with your website our support team are here to help.
We provide our customers with Design, Development, Hosting and Digital Marketing Solutions.
If you have a problem with any of the services that we are providing our dedicated support team will ensure that right person is allocated to you to help solve the problem.
Even if you do not have a separate support agreement with Newedge our dedicated support team will be on-line to help.

Our support team ensure that we cover the following for you with or without a separate agreement in place:

  • All fixes relating to accepted functionality / content developed by Newedge
  • Hosting related issues
  • Email hosting related issues
  • Requests for minor content changes (such as an image change, or wording)
  • Advice on usage of the CMS and the Newedge developed pages
  • Additional training on your CMS
  • Setup of hosted email accounts

We can help with all your website needs

Sometimes your problem may not be support related but instead functional or development related. We are still available to help and one of our design or marketing team will be able to find a solution for you whatever your problem.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you take a look at our dedicated customer service support portal  today.

What we do Website support and customer service 20.75x