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Secure, Fast & Reliable Web hosting

We provide secure, fast and reliable web hosting partnering with industry leading data centres throughout the UK.

When you require 99.9% uptime, built in fail-over, incremental backups and disaster recovery we have dedicated and cloud solutions to meet your requirements and budget for all your web hosting needs.

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Dedicated servers

We offer fully managed dedicated servers, located at iomart's data centre in Manchester, combining incredible support, first class hardware and lightning fast performance. Prices start for our dedicated hosting solutions start from £250+VAT per month including a 12 month Hosting support agreement.

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Cloud Servers

The UltraVM Cloud Servers offer reliability, scaleability and are even better for the environment. With a pooled resource allocation you can call up any number of servers as your website grows. Shared solutions start from £25+vat per month. Virtual dedicated servers start from £120+VAT per month.

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We can help you with your hosting needs no matter how big or small.  From simple cloud based solutions to clustered dedicated solutions.

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Help me with my Hosting

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