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Video marketing and photography services

We’ll create video and imagery that will make your web visitors stay for longer and put your business in the spotlight.


Visual content created to convert

Newedge will tell your story beautifully with engaging video and photography.

Words are vital for marketing campaigns to be effective, but if they’re not accompanied by beautiful, engaging imagery, they’re only telling half the story.

At Newedge, we’ve spent years crafting video content and professional photography that’s combined with our expertise in web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) to offer a one-stop shop for your business.

Why Video?


See following some of our Customer Videos

Our video marketing service

Good news: you no longer need a truck full of crew and equipment to create a brilliantly engaging corporate video. You’ll be amazed by how affordable our video marketing service is, and by how it can turn any business event, launch or behind-the-scenes glimpse into something people will watch and share at volume.

More importantly, we don’t like the phrase ‘corporate video’; we think video for business should tell stories - it should offer a glimpse behind the curtain of your organisation and the people who make it a success.

Visitors to your website don’t want bland, glossy videos featuring the intricacies of your production process or thirty-minute video interviews with executives who clearly don’t want to be on camera. They want to see personality, tantalising shots of your products and natural encounters with your staff and customers.

Want the best news? You have everything we need to make a video for your business come alive. We’ll tell your story and create a video that keeps people on your website for longer and tempts them to take action.

Why your business needs video

Ask any marketing expert which form of content is likely to keep people on websites for longer and increase their chances of converting, and they’ll probably point to video. We’ve witnessed a significant increase in demand for video content from our clients - so much so, that most new web design projects we undertake these days feature video heavily.

If you think you operate in an industry that doesn’t suit video, we’d like to prove you wrong. Any business - no matter its size or type of service offering - can produce an engaging video that people will want to watch and share. And those people could one day become very profitable customers for your business.

Our video services

We specialise in a range of video marketing services. We have all the kit and expertise required, and will start every video marketing project by sitting down with you to ascertain the goals and get under the skin of your business.

Engage with Newedge for video production and you can benefit from the following types of video:

Customer testimonials

Product demonstrations

Staff interviews

Behind-the-scenes tours

Launch events

PR material

New premise openings

If there’s a type of video you want shooting but you can’t see it above, just get in touch. Every video we produce is published ready for web use both on your website and on social media.  We can even provide you with your own Motion Graphic Video!


Professional photography for your website

Stock imagery just doesn’t cut it; in order to tell the story of your business and give visitors to your website reason to hang around, you need to stop them in their tracks with beautiful, original photography.

As tempting as it might be to simply reach for your smartphone to take photos of your business, its people and products for your website, you need a bit more than that if you’re to stand out from the competition.

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Bring your website to life

Let us bring your new or existing website alive with our professional photography service. We can undertake the following, no matter the conditions, location or complexity of the shoot:

  • Premise and location shoots (office, warehouse, factories - you name it!)
  • Staff profile photos (group and individual)
  • Product photography
  • Event photography
  • Customer case studies

The photography we produce isn’t just for your website, either; you’ll have access to full resolution images that can be used in any of your marketing collateral.

Our Photography Services

No matter what you want photos taking of, Newedge can provide a professional, experienced photographer who will get the most out of your subject.

Our photography skills range from (although are not limited to):

  • Products
  • People
  • Places
  • Events
  • Sports
  • PR

We rarely produce a website without calling on our photography team, so if you’re about to engage with Newedge for a new website, remember to speak to us about the beautiful, unique imagery we can create for you, too!

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