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What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source ecommerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses empowering over 250,000 stores worldwide.

It’s flexible and feature rich administration systems provides out of the box functionality for sales processing, customer relationship management, inventory and catalogue control, content management, search optimisation, reporting, analytics and email marketing.

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Best in class customer experience

Magento stores inherit best in class customer experience, allowing customers to quickly and easily find the products they want, add to their shopping basket and checkout using their favourite payment method. Out of the box, Magento also handles shipping calculations and VAT, ensuring your customers are paying the right price.

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Product catalogue management

Whether you have 10 products or 100,000, Magento’s product catalog can handle it with ease. You’ll have the ability to manage every aspect of the product, including descriptions, pricing, weight, promotions, upsells, cross-sells, reviews, tags, images and videos.

Stock control

Have you ever had to call a customer up after they placed an order, only to tell them the product is no longer in stock? Nightmare. Well, Magento’s inventory system will take care of your complete stock control requirements, so you’ll never have that conversation again.

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Order management and processing

Your customer wants their products quick sharp, and you’ll want to process their order quickly and easily too. That’s why Magento is the ideal solution for stores processing up to a 1000 orders a day. Out of the box you’ll be able to keep on top of orders, send shipment notices with tracking numbers and print order advice slips. We also have experience of extending Magento to integrate with multiple couriers and automatically print of consignment labels, so can help provide guidance to your team.

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Customer relationship management

To achieve those high quality reviews you’ll obviously be looking after your customers. Magento’s built in customer relationship management allows you to view everything about your customer, what they ordered, what’s in their wishlist, payment history and so on. You’ll also be able to set up customer specific pricing too.

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It’s likely that you’ll be running promotions throughout the year and Magento is your idea tool to create promotional campaigns, such as “buy one get one free” and “Free shipping”. You’ll be able to easily create all sorts of promotional campaigns inside Magento, setting date limits, usage limits and coupon codes.

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Content management

To rank highly in Google, you’ll need to create incredible content that sets you apart from your competition. Magento’s content management system is the ideal solution for creating content that your customers want to read, from blog posts to detailed product specifications and reviews, you’ll be able to quickly get your content in front of your audience.

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Mobile ecommerce

It goes without saying that Mobile ecommerce is critical to your online store's success, with a whooping 73% of millennials using mobile devices to purchase online. Magento’s theme engine allows you to create friction-less buyer experiences across mobile, tablet and desktops, ensuring your store works perfectly on almost any modern device.

Reporting Suite

Now that you’re up and running with Magento, you’ll be eager to analyse your stores performance, what's working and what's not. With Magento’s reporting suite you’ll gain the insight you need to effectively make decisions over product pricing, promotions and which customers deserve that extra special treatment.

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Easy to extend platform

One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is its flexibility to adapt. With a huge range of pre-existing modules, you’ll be able to extend the functionality of your store by installing 3rd party modules, such as courier integrations, payment partners, ebay store, amazon store, support ticketing, performance optimisation and accountancy integrations. We’ll help guide you through the best modules.

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Extensive training and online resources

Magento is used by over 250,000 stores worldwide, which also means there is a ton of free help and advice just waiting for you, as and when you need it. We’re also extremely well versed in Magento training, offering varying levels of training depending on your existing knowledge of the Magento platform.

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Continuous community development

One of the most important things about choosing your ecommerce platform is how regularly its core software is updated, to protect against security vulnerabilities and to ensure it's kept up to date with ecommerce best practices. Magento has a continuous development roadmap and provides regular patches to ensure that your store will be safe and sound all year round.

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Your Magento Experienced Team

We have been working with Magento for over 5 years and have built and designed both small and large stores.  We have experience of designing and building our own bespoke modules as well as working with the Magento Connect Community so we are well placed to help you to manage and solve your design, development and marketing needs.

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