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Magento Website Development

Our skill and experience of developing Magento stores mean we can help you with your development problems.

Magento’s open source ecommerce system allows developers to build scale-able ecommerce stores.  We have experience of building 'vanilla' off the shelf stores as well as complex stores with bespoke modules and stock and delivery based APIs.  With our knowledge, experience and understanding we can help scope your project to create the solutions you and your customers demand.

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Certified Development Work

We have been working with Magento for over 5 years and have a deep understanding of this complex ecommerce platform. Our development work has been completed with Magento Certified Developers to ensure that we gained a full understanding of what was and was not capable. We have learnt through our own experiences of what to do to get the best out of Magento. We also have years of experience working with Magento Connect and have put together our own trusted list of modules.

Bespoke Magento development & integration

Need to push your orders to an EPOS system, integrate with shipping vendors, or have a specific purchase process? We’ve built all kinds of bespoke modules for Magento and have the knowledge to help you to capture and define the functionality your business requires.  We can help you to produce a robust specification to ensure your Development partner meets all your expectations.

Magento module installation

There is a huge range of pre-existing modules for Magento, some good, some bad - we’ll guide you through the trusted vendors and ensure the modules that you choose to use do not conflict with each other causing back-office mayhem. We can provide installation and configuration advice for your Development team.

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Development best practices

Our team of developers have always used the GitHub Flow to deploy incremental code base updates. We recommend through our own best practice that 3 environments are created; local, staging and production.  This will ensure that all test updates are effectively completed before deploying to your live website. This approach will also ensure that you will have access to a staging site to test and accept updates from your developer/designer.

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Whether you're starting up or an established global operation, we have the expertise, knowledge and resource to help you to improve your customer shopping experience, increase sales and get customers coming back for more.

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