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Magento SEO & Marketing

Creating visibility, increasing demand and improving the user experience for your customers on your Magento Store.

Magento On Page Optimisation

In order to rank for target key phrases you’ll need to ensure Magento is well optimised and performing super fast. We’ll work together to make sure your online store is visible, relevant and has the authority to outrank your competitors. We’ll audit your website from a technical and customer viewpoint to ensure a solid foundation that together we can build on.  We will then work with you to build a plan to deliver incremental sales and a real return on your investment.  We may find you are missing some of the on-site basics such as Heading or Titles or we may discover content related issues.  What ever our findings we have the experience and skills to ensure that we devise a plan that will grow your on-line business.

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Effective Magento SEO Services

We understand the pressure and stress in getting your Magento Store on-line.  We have designed and built many stores and effectively marketed them to generate a measurable return for their owners.  We will work with you to devise a campaign based on delivering real, measurable and tangible results.  We will agree a monthly work plan and what that plan is expected deliver in terms of both Sales and Profit.  We have been successfully Marketing Magento Stores for the past five years and have always delivered measurable results.  We can share with you examples where growth of over 300% has been delivered over a 12 month period.

Magento Adwords Management

As part of our on-going Sales Generation Strategy for your Magento Store we are likely to incorporate Google Adwords as part of the plan.  We will create a campaign based on delivering measurable and profitable results.  Our SEO Team are Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified so will make certain that they are using all their knowledge to best effect for your Magento Store.

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User Experience & Conversion Optimisation

We often find that too much focus is put on bringing the customers to your Magento Store and very little thought as to what happens when they arrive.  There will be little point in you spending your money to drive traffic to your site that does not engage and buy.  We will work with your design and development team (we do have our own team in house to provide these service if required) to ensure that the journey through the site is engaging.  That may need changes to navigation, sub categories, attributes, images or even call to actions.  Our UE team are qualified marketers and understand the customer journey and what is needed to get your customers to engage with your business.

Content Marketing

All too often we find that a Magento Store has been designed and developed without any thought as to adding content to explain your Categories and Sub Categories.  Generally the product level details have been applied as these are needed for the customer to be able to choose to purchase.  Without rich, relevant, well written and unique content for your categories and sub categories how will your customers know what you do and what you are about?  As for Google unless you tell Google through the use of content then your chances of ranking for the high value terms that you will no doubt want and expect to rank for is not going to happen.  We have our own in-house content writer that can provide the rich, relevant, well written and unique content that you will need.  This will be done in conjunction with our UE team and will form part of your Digital Marketing Plan.


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