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Magento 2 ecommerce software

Welcome to the ultimate ecommerce solution for your online store. Magento 2 represents a new era of ecommerce development.

The Magento 2 ecommerce platform is here. Ready? Let us help you to find out what these changes will mean to you and your store.

What is Magento 2?

The latest version of Magento builds on an ecommerce platform which powers some of the world’s largest online retailers and has enabled smaller businesses to flourish online. Originally announced in 2014, the long-awaited update offers improved stability, massive performance gains, simpler installations and impressive scalability.

Let’s dig into the features…

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New user interface

Magento 2 is beautiful. Now fully finger-friendly, it is a delight to touch on any tablet or smartphone and benefits from a fully responsive design which will automatically adapt to make best use of the screen real estate to hand.

Convenient features such as drag-and-drop reordering , flexible data grids, custom views and configurable columns means you’ll have greater control than ever before over the look and feel of your store and your customers’ shopping experience.

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Rebuilt from the ground up

Magento 2 is a fresh start. Legacy extensions and bad code have been removed and everything has been optimised. Your online store will be ready for the new dawn of ecommerce and beyond with Magento 2.

The rebuild of Magento 2 allows our developers to push through complex functionality requirement quicker and easier, which means we can also focus more time and effort marketing and maintaining your store. 

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Fast checkout

No one likes queues and Magento 2’s checkout process has been considerably refined. The credit card type is now identified automatically based on the PAN number entered, customer checkout is assumed and registered users are identified via their email address, rather than being forced to re-enter their password. Goodbye queues. Hello more customers and better conversion rates.

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Performance and scalability

Magento 2 is ready for the big time. With server-side support for Varnish 4, compatibility with HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) and client-side benefits including effective image compression, static content caching and a reduced JavaScript codebase, you’ll have an ecommerce platform which can handle up to 90,000 order per hour, 300 concurrent back end users and 10m page views per hour (requires server infrastructure to support).

How big do you want to grow?

If you’ve experienced speed issues with Magento during peak ordering times, you’ll be glad to hear that Magento 2 has also received numerous tweaks under the hood to beef up performance and reduce table locking.

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Lightening-quick product import/export

If you’ve ever sat waiting for a bunch of products to be uploaded into your ecommerce system only for it to take all night or fail completely, you’ll be glad to hear that the developers behind Magento 2 have focussed intently on the import and export routines. The result is the ability to import 100,000 records in just 25 minutes (depending on server). That means you can wave goodbye not just to the waiting time at checkout, but in the back office, too.

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Why should I switch to Magento 2?

Magento 2 is a seismic step forward in ecommerce productivity and scalability. If you want your online store to grow, be ready for the busiest of shopping days and benefit from continued development, Magento 2 is for you. It is quite simply the biggest platform update we’ve ever seen and we can’t wait to help you migrate.

As a motivated store owner you just want to easily manage products, control inventory, ship orders, manage customers and effectively market your products on multi-channels. Well Magento 2 is certainly the way to go.

Find out more about Magento 2

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