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Website Design, Development & SEO

Providing Website Design and Digital Marketing services to businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

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Newedge is a full service Digital Agency providing website design, website development, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, digital consultancy, lead generation, hosting, maintenance and support services.  We are located in the Northampton in Northamptonshire in the UK. We work with customers throughout the UK and Europe.  No matter who you are or what you do we can help you with your next Digital Challenge.

Website Design & Development

At Newedge all of our website design work is custom created in house.  We do not use templates for our design work and we hand code all our designs to ensure that the design is fit for whatever browser or whatever device your customer may be using. We apply a common sense approach to building creative, human-centred digital experiences mixed with elegant design, individuality.  Our design is based around ensuring that we meet your business goals, be that more sales, more leads, increased conversions, brand awareness, improved UX or whatever else is needed to deliver, meet and exceed your expectations.

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Content Management System (CMS)

We have been building content management systems (CMS) on the SilverStripe opensource framework since 2010.  We are now considered one of if not the leading SilverStripe developer in the country.  May years ago we chose to use SilverStripe over the Wordpress CMS owing to its modular building approach, intuitive content editing, reduced development time, significantly advance security and general overall flexibility.  In simple terms it was designed as a CMS rather than a blogging platform and is much much better.  Our CMS is designed to be a fully 'self managed' content management system.  Meaning that not only can you amend content, images, links and navigation but you also have the power and control over every single design block that has been created, coded and applied to the CMS.  Meaning you can drag and drop, add and remove any design element on any page in any area on the CMS.  

Lead Generation and Conversion optimised Websites

We have been involved in Website Design and Development since 2005.  During this time we have built up a vast understanding of what is needed to design and build a website for the delivery of leads and conversions.  We know what is needed for visibility, traffic and engagement as well as once the traffic has hit your website getting your visitor to engage, call, contact, buy or convert.  

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Search Engine Optimisation & PPC

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not a dark art.  SEO is a marketing function.  It is one of the tools in the marketeers bag of tricks.  At Newedge we are qualified and experienced in delivering results orientated SEO to our customers throughout the UK and beyond.  We use a range of techniques from Content Marketing, on-site SEO, Link outreach, Social Media Marketing to Google Adwords.  With all of our sites we apply Google Analytics in order to track, manage, understand and maintain our SEO campaigns.  We offer a full service SEO or if preferred we can provide your own custom SEO Training service.  Not sure if we can help?  Why not request our FREE Website Audit and let see what improvements we can make immediately.

Web Applications

We realised when we were first approached over 10 years to build our first web application that too many web agencies over complicated and therefore over charged.  To build a great web application is not difficult.  The first step is to understand the purpose...what function is the web application looking to fulfill, simplify, automate, improve or maybe replace.  Our first experience of building a web application was a booking system for a restaurant.  Common place these days but 14 years ago seemed innovative.  Since then we have had the pleasure to build web apps for in-store merchandising for a world wide retailer, a booking system for many therapists to manage many therapies across many locations over many dates and many different rates, a ward management web app, a job advertise, search, apply and integrate app, a hotels booking web app and even a car park booking web app. 

During our experience in building web applications we have also developed multiple intranets and multiple extranets for businesses through the UK and Europe.

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