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Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter Management

Fully managed social media campaigns that engage your audience.

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Reaching out to all your audience

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are excellent channels to engage with your audience both pre and post sale. We create sharable content and distribute it through multi-channels. Getting your business connected to the huge amount of networking and social communication platforms can be daunting at times, but Newedge can help provide a full social media management on all of your business profiles. The Newedge social media service is created to help keep you in full control of your messages and communications from across all of your social media channels. We can create a package that helps fit your needs and requirements.

Social Media Consultancy

If you are looking for a little guidance, or some advanced training, we can help develop a social media strategy based on your business goals, whether you wanted to generate leads, or just have a platform to deal with complaints or as a way to communicate with new customers. Alternatively you may just need a hand setting up social media profiles.

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Monitor the Social Landscape

We can help monitor many social media channels that can help identify areas to market in, as well as identifying when people use your company name or brand in a positive or negative light, so you know exactly what is being said about your brand, this could be to bring something good to the attention of your staff, or manage a way to handle complaints of your services. 

Competitions & Rewards

Social media is a great place to run competitions and reward your customers. Giveaway products for likes, shares and comments to build a high social media authority score that Google will love.

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PR & Branding

Social media can be an excellent way to advertise  new products or services and help create a buzz around a subject. We can help get your services or products the coverage they deserve. We help deliver social media in line with your companies brand standards and stay in line with your brand core messages. 

Creating a Social Media Tone

Deciding on a tone or form of communication can be difficult for a new or established brand. This requires keeping in line with a brands core messages, as well as carving out exactly who the main demographics are that you’re aiming at in order to create the best response.

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Analysing & Reporting Data

Social media can be a great tool at keeping new and existing customers aware of your brand, but how can you quantify spending money on a resource that doesn’t have any way to generate revenue? We can help generate reports showing you the impact that social media activity has on your bottom line and what impact that it has on your visitor traffic, sales and revenue, breaking down all the facts you need using reliable data and statistics across all of your media channels. 

Create Discussions & Build an Online Community

We can help with identifying big names in your particular industry niche or sector, working with large influencers with your brand creating a larger fan base, helping to enhance the reach of your website content and help generate additional sales opportunities for your website. Creating discussions around points of interest important in your industry sector. 

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Cross Channel Promotion

Using the insights from our reporting and analysis we make sure that your message reaches your audience and fits across all your marketing channels, giving you a coherent and instantly recognisable voice across the internet.