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Adwords & PPC Management: Paid Search

Our experienced team can improve your cost per lead and deliver a better return on investment on your Pay Per Click campaigns.

We have been designing, building and running profitable Adwords campaign for the past 7 years.  We have experience of running campaigns as small as £10.00 per day and as large as £500,000 per year.  No matter how large or how small your budget we know what it takes to create an effective and profitable campaign.  We are Google Adwords and Analytics certified ensuring we are upto date with the latest and best practices. We can help you with setting up your Google Adwords Campaign or Re targeting / Re marketing your current Campaign.

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Improving your PPC Optimisation

We pride ourselves on results.  We ensure that our PPC management service continually works to improve your return on investment, by its very nature, we are always looking to lower your cost per click and increase your convertions (sales) by creating lean relevant and effective campaigns. Our focus is your return on investment.  We will work closely with you to understand your business, your market, your competitors and your strengths and weaknesss to ensure that we design a campaign that will generate a real return on investment through effecitive optimisation of your campaign.  Our primary focus is your sales and in return your profit.

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Seasonal campaigns and changing demand patterns

You can utilise seasonal campaigns to boost sales at periods of high demands.  This might be the lead up to Christmas or to get those holidaymakers booking in Jan & Feb. We will help you to set up PPC campaigns and landing pages that will ensure you are ready to take full advantage of the seasonal demand.  We know that many businesses have to be prepared to work around changing demand patterns at different times of the year.  This might be as a result of the nature of your product/service or a change in the weather that might create a sudden demand for your product/service.  You will want to be certain that you have the visibility when you need it most.

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Landing page conversion optimisation

You might now have a perfectly optimised PPC campaign, but if the landing page is not effective then the traffic generated can be totally waisted. You may have optimised the page for your Adwords Campaign but while doing so might have forgot about engaging with your new lead.  We know how to design high converting landing pages that focus on generating sales and enquiries and reduce wastage. We utilise our User Experience knowledge to ensure that your PPC landing pages will engage and convert with your new customers.

Full Google Adwords Management Service

We offer a full adwords management service to those customers that want to out source all the responsibility of designing, building and running an effective PPC campaign.  Our full management service includes:

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Competition and market research
  • Campaign creation
  • Text Ad creation
  • Geo targetting
  • Cost per click management
  • Budget control
  • Goal tracking
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Campaign improvement modificaitons
  • Landing page development and improvement (additional cost)

As part of our fully outsourced service we will provide a monthly report detailing exactly what has been achieved and our recommendations for the on-going management of the campaign.

Cost of the service will depend of the size and competitiveness of your market.  All quotations are bespoke to your website, your market, your business and your objectives.

Let us sort it all out

We understand Google and PPC landscape, with expertise in Google Adwords, PPC Campaign design, increasing sales, increasing conversions, lowering acquisition costs and more. It’s time to get your paid advertising sorted by making your campaigns work for your website.

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