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Email Marketing Solutions

Start a conversation with your prospects, clients and brand advocates directly from their inbox.

We’ll guide you through growing your subscriber list, writing killer subject lines, creating engaging email content and utilising calls-to-action to continue the conversation outside the inbox. Email marketing is consistently the most cost effective marketing channel. With a clear direction and well executed email campaign you’ll be benefiting from click through rates and conversions rates that your competitors dream of.

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Email Campaign Management

We specialise in planning, creating, sending and monitoring email marketing campaigns – no matter what industry you’re in. We’ll promote the right content, to the right audience at the right time to drive click through's to dedicated campaign landing pages that highly convert. Whether you’re promoting an eBook or selling widgets, we’ll generate more demand.

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Stay connected with your audience

It’s hard work managing multiple channels, especially when your audience is demanding amazing content. At MoreDemand we use automated email marketing (drip feed emails) to continually stay in touch with your audience. Automated emails are triggered by events (like a purchase, a download or a Facebook like) and provide a means of sending a series emails over a defined period of time. The biggest benefit is once its set up, you can just leave it to run and do all the hard work for you.

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Ecommerce Engagement

Ecommerce email marketing requires a different approach to generate more demand. We’ll use your customer data to create conversion led marketing campaigns like: Abandoned carts, Upsell/Cross sell after purchase, Review requests, Rewards, Milestone events, Special offers and Newsletters.

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We successfully deliver thousands of emails every month with targeted campaigns that drive revenue. We’ve got the experience, knowledge and resource to drive a bottom line increase.

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