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Why you’re getting LinkedIn completely wrong - Part 3

05 February 2014

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In parts 1 and 2 we looked at creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, growing your audience, gaining visibility and joining LinkedIn Groups, all of this was based around your personal profile. We are going to shift focus and look at how company pages can further assist lead generation.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

It’s a place where prospects, existing clients and potential candidates can visit to keep up to date with company news, get information on your products and services, career opportunities and business deals.  

Within the company page you can:

  • Upload a cover photo

  • Update status using your company name rather than personal

  • Detail all of your products and services

  • Allow staff to tag themselves as working for the company

  • View analytical data on Reach, Engagement, Followers and Impressions

Creating the perfect company profile page

To add a company page go to Interests > Companies, then in the top right hand corner you will see a little link “Add a Company” (LinkedIn, if you’re reading this, its not very obvious positioning of the link, should make the button more prominent!). You will need to verify your company's email address, so make sure you have access to the email address you enter.

The basics

As with your personal profile it’s important to have a complete company profile, so lets start by filling out the basics.


The two main areas to focus on are your company name (obviously people will be searching for this) and the company description, which is used by LinkedIn’s search engine to help people find products and services when searching. Make sure there is a mix of marketing and keyword focus in your description and also put your company’s website, email and telephone number at the bottom.

Your locations

Add your company’s locations, this is used to help the internal search engine geolocate companies when performing an advanced search.

Create a winning cover image

This is your space to be creative and produce an enticing cover image. You’ve got a space of 646px by 220px to do it in. An idea might be to create an offer, exclusive to followers of your company page. This will help grow your audience and get few more soft enquiries. We have used the same image that's on our homepage, so that when people click through to the website they feel connected with the previous page and its not all new.

You will also want to upload your logo along with a square version of it (50px X 50px) for the thumbnails that appear in the status update feeds, etc.

What’s your Mastermind subject?

In the company specialties section you can add all your core specialities and any others you think people might be searching for on LinkedIn. These are then listed in your company profile page in a comma separated list.

Featured groups 

You can also add groups that you are a member or admin of, I would suggest only adding groups that you are a top contributor to or your company’s own. Afterall you don't want to be wasting marketing effort on someone elses group if you’re getting no uplift benefit.  

Making the services page exciting

This is a fairly in-depth section of LinkedIn with the ability to create multiple variations based on targeting. Let’s assume in this case that we are focusing on building a single, visible to all services page.  

Describe what your company offers with a short introduction to the services and products you offer. Your logo is pulled through automatically from the main profile page, use the headline as a sales driver explaining exactly what you do.

Add up to 3 cover images with a URL that the banner will click through to, this is an excellent way to have complete creative control over your profile, the banner images are 646px by 222px and you can add any URL you want. Like with your cover photo think of a reason someone will click through, maybe to get an exclusive offer, sign up for more content, get a free eBook or learn more about a specific service, then make the graphic say just that with a clear call to action (i.e. a button or click here to find out more).

Top Tip: Keep it seasonal and change it up to test click through rates to gauge performance of each banner. You could also add a tracking URL so you can measure the number of click throughs.

Add your YouTube company video by simply giving the module a header name (i.e. Portfolio Showreel) along with the YouTube URL of the video.

Add a product or service

From the blue edit button top right hand side of the services page, hover over the down arrow then select “Add product or service”. This section is pretty straight forward with simple onscreen instructions, so go ahead and fill out the description, categorisation, upload a 100x80px image and list the keyword focused features. You can also add an additional video (great for product explainers and promotionals).

You can also add a URL for this product and service that will allow people to click straight through to your website, now remember if you have a landing page for this product or service then use that instead of your homepage URL.

Finally add the people who can be contacted within your company about this product or service, you can type the employee name it will auto suggestion names as you type.

Now click publish and you're done. Afterwards you have the option to “Request recommendations”, this is certainly worth doing as it add social proof that your product or service is one people recommend, and there is nothing better than a recommendation. I would suggest getting around 3 - 5 recommendations per product or service.



Repeat this process for all your core products and services until you have built up a company services page that looks something like me made earlier…

Summing Up

Well you should have a pretty decent company profile on LinkedIn now, filled with rich imagery, enticing marketing copy and youtube videos that set to generate leads once we get it some visibility. In part 4 of this series we are going to be looking at doing just that, using Company Page Analytics and improving your Reach and Engagement with company updates.


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