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Replace Base Site Launch

16 April 2015

Today we have launched the Replace Base Website sells components and replacement parts specialising in phones, tablets and Apple Macbooks. The client came to us wanting to move to a more reliable ecommerce system that communicated efficiently with internal stock systems as well as providing additional back office functionality and front end user experience. 

Newedge facilitated a transition to ecommerce platform Magento, as well as giving the website a fresh new mobile friendly responsive design to cater for the growing trend of mobile and tablet users online.

As part of the additional functionality Newedge installed, we helped to provide a advanced inventory reporting module go help predict stock levels based on order history and to sync in with Ebay and Amazon orders, ensuring adequate stock levels for customers when they want to buy. We also helped with applying a EU VAT module due to the nature of the business hat requires items to be sold across Europe.

View more about the project on our portfolio page, and view the website on our portfolio page or their website here


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