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New Edge Website Receives an ‘Honorable Mention’

04 February 2015

New Edge Media produce an array of top quality and well-designed websites that put the latest web standards and user experience at the forefront of design every. Occasionally this hard work pays of and we get recognised on industry leading publications.

Awwwards aims to discover and promote the talent that is leading the way in creating a unique digital experience, identifying the efforts of web designers, developers and agencies that produce great looking, intuitive and practical websites.

apple taser

Taser is a recent design from New Edge, which is the website that has helped us receive an ‘honorable mention’. The use of graphics on is the focus of this website, featuring a stunning design with top quality images, using the latest responsive design methods making it friendly for all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. The easy to use and well thought out navigation bar is also one of the reasons why this website offers an excellent UX journey.

The ‘honourable mention’ is a special honour given to websites that achieve a high score in user votes, if successful in receiving a high enough score Taser will be featured in “The Best 365 Websites Around the World”, which will be a fantastic achievement for us. Please submit your vote to if you would like to mention your opinion of the website.


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