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06 January 2014

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It’s the start of our 30 day blogging challenge at newedge, and I thought I would start planning, to work out exactly what to write, for what audience, for what purpose and in what format. So let’s start with why I am writing in the first place.

Why create great content?

I learnt a huge lesson in 2013 from Nathan Barry… “Teach everything you know”. This has lead to Nathan’s “Authority” book launch doing thousands of dollars in sales, because he launched it a audience that listened to free advice given over at his blog and email newsletters. Creating great content leads to attracting people that listen and want to interact with you, your brand and ultimately do some business with you, because they trust you.

What sort of content am I going to create?

Being a digital agency we are in the fortunate position of being able to write on a huge variety of interesting topics and bring in case studies for every industry sector on the planet. That’s not so easy if you sell fax machines, I completely understand that challenge! BUT, check out the, he sells razors, pretty boring you might think, but that video has had millions of views and attracted huge social buzz.

I am however going to create content that is focused on my audiences business goals. There are a few goals that, regardless of industry sector, our clients really care about:

  1. Generate more sale

  2. Generate more leads

  3. Convert more visitors to sales / leads

  4. Increase rankings, followers, likes, pins, subscriptions…

  5. Reduce or automate repetitive tasks

With that in mind my content will be focused on solving those problems across a wide variety of strategies, tactics and advice based content.

What format is this content going to be consumed in?

I would love nothing more than to be video blogging and podcasting, however right now we simply don’t have enough time to do that for ourselves (we’re too busy doing it for customers!), and that's absolutely fine, you have to be realistic with the resource at hand, so I will be focusing on articles, eBooks, infographics and free seminars for local businesses. We know these are engaging formats that are easily consumable cross platform and bring people through our doors.

There are tons of other content formats that you could choose, just to name a few:

  • Guides / White Papers / eBooks

  • Online course

  • Surveys

  • Presentations

  • Webinars, Screencasts

  • Articles

  • Tutorials

  • eBooks

  • Videos

  • Online apps

How you select these will depend on your marketplace, customers, resource, timescales and budget. That’s a blog post for later maybe (Tip: Keep a spreadsheet of ideas, topics and areas you want to blog about for later).

Thinking of what to write about

There are so many ways to come up with ideas, one I like to use is to focus on a keyword theme, for example “Responsive web design”, then use Google Auto Suggest to bring up topics around that theme, then apply those topics to some title ideas to see what I could write about. Here are some of the titles I use for article ideas:

Motivating titles

  • 5 Reasons why you're doing something wrong

  • 5 reasons why someone is succeeding

  • Find the real value...

  • Is this the holy grail for…

  • 5 things I hate about…

  • 5 things I love about

  • 5 reason [something] is great for [someone]

Tutorial Based titles

  • How to use, check, do, recreate, adapt, change, modify, extract, build, develop, write

  • A quick guide to

  • An easy guide to

  • How to improve

  • Tips to improve

Personal stories

  • My day at… (event, place, course, training camp)

  • Round up of… (this month, this year, a new technology)

  • What we’re up to at…(event, place, work, home)

  • My experience of… (something, dealing with someone, a course or place)

Opinion based

  • Who will win at…

  • Why [company] will never last

  • Why [something] will fail every time

  • Why [something / someone] is onto a winner

  • Stand up and take notice

  • I cant believe my eyes

  • Have you heard about

Following on with the responsive web design keyword theme, a few working titles could be:

  • Stand up and take notice, responsive web design is here to stay

  • An easy guide to going mobile with responsive web design

  • 5 reasons your website is failing on mobile devices

  • 5 websites improvements that responsive web design will make

  • Why mobile redirects will fail in 2014

As you can see there are a few variations there, all with different topics that I could write about, all of which speak to my audience with a relevant subject matter.

Summing up

Based on all of the above I have managed to fill my entire january writing diary with exciting ideas and working titles for the content creation diary. Make sure one of your actions today is to start thinking about the content you want write and why, make it actionable, make it worthy of reading and speak to your audience as if you were stood in front of them - trust me, people will listen and when they do, you’re one step closer to converting.


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