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How we use Asana everyday

Posted on 25 November 2013 by
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We absolutely love Asana at newedge and use it every single day to track what’s going on across the entire business.

We have set up 3 “Teams” in the newedge “Organisation”. The teams are: Web Dev, SEO Team and General Office. In each team we then add “Projects” for each new client project. We also use projects for sales pipeline functions, general to do lists (like clean the coffee machine) and ideas that need to be jotted down before bringing up in team meetings.

Setting up project templates

To save time we set up project templates for web development, as many content management sites share the same tasks. We use this as a general checklist and quality control measure to ensure we get everything across the line. Our web design project template includes kick off meeting notes that leads to a proposal, budget and time planner, after which we have tasks for account set up, billing, graphic design, wireframes, CMS installation, multi device testing, SEO review, sign off, training and our Go Live procedure.

Each task is pre-assigned to a member of staff with the right skill set to complete the task and is then marked as complete along with any notes and uploads as required.

What does this mean for you?

Well, pilots use checklists for a reason, so they don’t miss anything! We use asana with pre made checklists and tasks to ensure we do not miss anything too, and to ensure a high quality standard and finish to all our digital products. 

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