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COVID-19 supporting local businesses

19 March 2020

We are small Digital Marketing Agency located in Northamptonshire.  The company was formed in 2004 and officially began trading at the beginning of 2005.  That in effects makes 2020 our 15th anniversary!

During that time, we have seen many things that have impacted what we do, how we support our customers and how we run our Agency.  We have and do see constant change in technology, worldwide recession, do it yourself websites, constant on-line security threats, changing personnel and an increasing competitor landscape.

We are proud that throughout this time we have found a way to continue to evolve, continue to keep up with (if not ahead of) the market and most importantly be able to put our customers at the forefront of what we do.

So here we are today, March 19th 2020, in the midst of a once in a generation, World Wide crisis.  A pandemic that threatens who we are, what we do and what we thought we knew about the World and each other.  We are seeing people dying, people self-isolating, businesses closing, staff being laid off, countries locking down, all sports suspended, schools closing indefinitely, people panic buying and small businesses like Newedge continue to fight to survive in the face of unbelievable adversity.

We will fight for our customers and we will fight for ourselves to ensure that when this World Wide crisis is over, and it will be over at some point. That we are still here, that our customers are still here with us and that together we will be able to dust ourselves down and be stronger for what we will have learned about ourselves, our society and the World in general. 

Support Local Businesses

Today we launched look4northampton on Instagram to help other local businesses, who are the life bed of our county and our society, have the chance to communicate to a wider audience that they have not vanished, that they are still fighting and to look to the community to help them to continue to give to the community.

If you are a local business, small or large, please just direct message look4northampton to get yourself listed today.  Working together we can and will beat this.

Be strong, be supportive, be safe, follow the advice and look out for each other.


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