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Content Creation Planner & Diary 2014

05 February 2014

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We’ve created a simple spread sheet for the whole of 2014 to help you plan your content creation in, with selectable lists on types of content, where it will be distributed and authors. There is no complexity, it’s just beautifully simple to follow and fill in, which means you will do it and stick to it.

content creation planner 2014

How to use this planner

Simply download the planner using the links below, then fill up your diary with audience focused content, select authors from your resource pool, assign a distribution channel and get to it. 

Tip: I like to then mark each row as green once its complete so I can easily go back and pick up missing tasks.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to create then checkout Inspiration and motivation for content creation.

Download the Content Creation Planner & Diary 2014

Download the XLS file (Excel Pre 2010)

Download the XLSX file (Excel 2010+ )

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