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Brexit, ePrivacy or a new government: what will impact your online business the most in 2020?

Posted on 7 December 2019 by Newedge

Mastering lead generation through social media

Social media marketing can result is direct sales, lead generation, social uplift (the number of followers, likes and interactions) and improved authority score (the authority you have as an author in your subject field). As people start to follow you, interact with you and trust your knowledge a stronger relationship will form, giving you the ability to influence them with the introduction of product and service offerings.

How B2B can use Pinterest

Steven Van Belleghem (one of Europes thought leads on social media) suggests Pinterest forces you to think visually about your business. A visually appealing website is half the battle won, coupled with interesting, targeted and unique content then you have a strong position to take authority, rank and conversions away from competitors.