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Asana helped us to boost productivity

Posted on 25 November 2013 by
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We’ve been looking for a super lightweight and customisable collaboration tool for some time now. We’ve found it, and it is call Asana.

We track everything in Asana, using it for Project Management, Bug Tracking, Sales Leads, Project Ideas – all assigned to our team members, with milestones, activity calendar and complete organisation of “what’s going on”.

Its been a fantastic boost for productivity with clear task ownership, keeping everyone up to date and in the loop about what has been done and what is left to do.

We are just in the process of launching our Client Portal which will feature Asana API integration so you can see everything that’s left to do on your project and how complete the project it is, along with an activity planner and key milestone dates.

It’s a seriously exciting time to be involved in web development and we are making the most of the latest technology out there to bring you stunning digital products. 

For more information about Asana visit them over at https://asana.com/product.

If you would like to boost your productivity and business performance, talk to the team about our Digital Consultancy services.

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