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Adopting responsive website design for all projects

20 November 2013

  • Responsive Web Design
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The web is now truly mobile, with a huge increase in the purchasing of tablets, smartphones and on-the-go devices we now need to focus on developing websites that work incredibly on any device. For that reason, Newedge, now develop all websites “mobile first” using responsive web design techniques and frameworks to achieve elegant experiences that work regardless of device.

In the last 12 months we have developed a mix of responsive and non-responsive websites for clients, however recently we have made a critical business decision to deliver websites that are fully responsive using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Previously client still expected websites to perform reasonably well on mobile devices, which meant extensive additional development and design time in the studio. With the move in place to fully responsive we now account for all devices from mobile up to desktop right from the outset, making sure the customer experience is flawless whether they're on an iPhone, Nexus, iPad, PC, Mac or any other modern device.

Surely this means costs are going to increase?

There is a marginal increase in the initial development cost, absolutely, however this far outweighs the cost of redeveloping a website every time Apple decides to change the width of their iPad! Responsive web design future proofs you against this and means a much longer life cycle for your website.

What does this mean for older websites?

We have developed a responsive web design migration service that can take your existing website and transform it into a fully responsive website. This works with any content management system or backend platform. Small design updates may be required to fit within the responsive framework, this would all be discussed in our initial project brief with you.

Do I really need a mobile website?

Absolutely, even more so in ecommerce as people browse while on the go, when a friend tweets they just brought this, or puts up one of your discount codes, people reach for their phones. You have to give your customers an optimised experience on phone, tablet and desktop.

All our team have now fully adopted the “mobile first” culture and are excited about this growing technology and the real benefits it will have to your business.

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