A Few Things to do
To Improve Web Sales over December

Posted on 28 November 2014 by Newedge
Category: Digital Marketing

Following on from our post last week Search Traffic throughout December and the Christmas Break, we’ve suggested a few things that you can do to help enhance your sales for December or increase the number of enquiries that you’re receiving, just a few quick wins that can help generate additional revenue for your business.

Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns can work if what you’re offering is a pretty good deal; one of the great things about email marketing is the quality of the email address, in some cases. Dependant on how you sourced your email list, for example through old sales data, people may already be warmed up to your brand through previous experience and are potentially more likely to buy again from you, if the price and product set that you are offering is right, you may see this being a high conversion rate sale.

If you wanted to help ease the post Christmas dip, before the start of the new year, this gives you an excellent chance of at least gaining a little bit of revenue over this period – perhaps by doing a big promotion or clearance based sale, giving you a chance to get rid of that old accumulated stock that has not sold all year, and ideal solution to help with the revenue stream for this quiet time of the month.

Map Listings

If you are small shop in a town or have a small premises open to the public, a quick fix may be to get yourself online for Google Map Listings, or Places listings, if you are located close to an area where people are searching from, chances are that you may be displayed on there phone if you have listed your main address online. This is completely free and is set up in next to no time; this also gives a great place for people to comment on or review your products or services. This method can also enhance your brand presence online, giving the option to add additional features such as opening times, and contact details, making it even easier for people to search for you from Google search listings.

Enhance Products – Long-tail Opportunities

This is a relatively easy task if you have an in-house resource, someone that knows about the product set, the hard part is applying to all products. If you have a couple of hundred products, this is usually a little easier, when your catalogue is filled with a few thousand this can take some time.

Product optimisation on the whole can be really good for a website, this usually involves improving what your items look like on the product level, things such as adding an original, detailed description and specification of your product, tidying up meta details is also worth doing during this phase to make sure your product looks as appealing as possible on the search listings, as well as offering an excellent user experience, offering things like further information and reading for users such as fitting guides, or referring them to a practical category page.

Improved Delivery

If you are a larger firm that takes responsibility for the delivery of products yourself, it’s worth considering an enhanced delivery experience over December. This could be in the form of weekend deliveries, no condition free deliveries, or a quicker turnaround for shipments.

This method may not be the best long term, or throughout busier periods of the year. But often having an improved delivery structure over competitors can be the difference in securing a few more sales. Also absorbing the cost of extra delivery services can be easily absorbed into the potential gain over the Christmas period.


This may be a little easier to do if you are a website based ecommerce shop, and dependent on the platform you are using, you can set certain products to activate a sale price between certain dates. Before the Xmas break up, perhaps experiment with some items and add a discount, as mentioned in my previous post, people are looking for sale items from Boxing Day onwards, so people may be more ready to buy a bargain. This way you wouldn’t even need to log in over the holiday week.


Overall the month of December is the most abnormal month of the year for website traffic, and dependent on your industry, will see a drop, or a significant high. We’ve outlined a few things that you can do to help keep the enquiry stream or sales stream up in the holiday period of the year. 

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