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Nik Smith

Improve your online marketing strategy

Posted on 24 March 2016 by Nik Smith

Why you’re getting LinkedIn completely wrong - Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 we looked at creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, growing your audience, gaining visibility and joining LinkedIn Groups, all of this was based around your personal profile. We are going to shift focus and look at how company pages can further assist lead generation.

How Going Mobile Will Improve Your Business Focus

With so much noise in our business and personal lives it’s difficult to focus and often far too easy to get side tracked by new and interesting things. Working in the mobile web space doesn’t allow for noise, you have slow connections, small screens and users that are on the go.

Email Vs Direct Mail - Which is better for conversions and your business?

I was asked a question on LinkedIn when I posted an article about email marketing, Paul Green asks “Do you have any useful statistics on the impact of newsletters and/or typical open rates, click-through rates? Or may comparisons with the effectiveness versus snail mail, advertising, leafleting, etc.?”. Well Paul, I think a good comparison is between email and direct mail / snail mail, both marketing tactics have similar properties and attributes that we can compare and get some industry averages for.

Anglian Water Direct E-commerce Site Launch

Our in-house expertise with Magento enabled us to deliver an enhanced Magento instance with modular extensions for the specific requirements of Anglian Water Direct.