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New Edge, New Era

Posted on 29 November 2016 by mark

New Edge Media Limited match sponsors at NTFC for the day!

Last Saturday we were the proud match sponsors for the League Two encounter between our local team Northampton Town FC (The Cobblers) and the second tier team from Bristol, Bristol Rovers FC (The Gas heads)

Lead Generation Ideas Run Dry? Discover 80+ Lead Channels

Lead generation should be the hot topic in your business, afterall it’s what drives your bottom line. Whether you’re a startup, not-for-profit, service based or ecommerce store, lead generation is where a sale is born. There are so many ways to generate leads and in this article I am going to present the “Lead Generation Channel Mind Map” to help you discover all the potential channels, be it through online activities like blogging, pay per click marketing or offline with activities such as trade shows, telemarketing and networking.

Why you’re getting LinkedIn completely wrong - Part 4

So far in the series we have looked at building a solid foundation with personal and company profiles that utilise all of the key LinkedIn features, along with growing our personal connections. In this article I am going to focus on how to build a wider audience with your company profile (reach) and generate more impressions, clicks, interactions and followers - plus track all that with the use of LinkedIn Analytics and Page Insights.

Why you’re getting LinkedIn completely wrong - Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 we looked at creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, growing your audience, gaining visibility and joining LinkedIn Groups, all of this was based around your personal profile. We are going to shift focus and look at how company pages can further assist lead generation.

How Going Mobile Will Improve Your Business Focus

With so much noise in our business and personal lives it’s difficult to focus and often far too easy to get side tracked by new and interesting things. Working in the mobile web space doesn’t allow for noise, you have slow connections, small screens and users that are on the go.