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Nik Smith

Improve your online marketing strategy

Posted on 24 March 2016 by Nik Smith

Dad.info Goes Live

View our recently launched website here - www.dad.info a fully responsive Joomla website, designed to work seamlessly throughout all desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

How people search and interact with Google

Knowing how people use Google to find your web page is an important pillar of understanding the role search engine optimisation has in your online marketing strategy. Armed with this knowledge you can effectively target and reach your audience.

How B2B can use Pinterest

Steven Van Belleghem (one of Europes thought leads on social media) suggests Pinterest forces you to think visually about your business. A visually appealing website is half the battle won, coupled with interesting, targeted and unique content then you have a strong position to take authority, rank and conversions away from competitors.

Workplace Health - Keep your company fit and healthy

Did you know that an average person spends more than half their waking life at work! The fact is a major contributor to the biggest barrier people have in being physically active, time!

New Edge Media Limited match sponsors at NTFC for the day!

Last Saturday we were the proud match sponsors for the League Two encounter between our local team Northampton Town FC (The Cobblers) and the second tier team from Bristol, Bristol Rovers FC (The Gas heads)

Lead Generation Ideas Run Dry? Discover 80+ Lead Channels

Lead generation should be the hot topic in your business, afterall it’s what drives your bottom line. Whether you’re a startup, not-for-profit, service based or ecommerce store, lead generation is where a sale is born. There are so many ways to generate leads and in this article I am going to present the “Lead Generation Channel Mind Map” to help you discover all the potential channels, be it through online activities like blogging, pay per click marketing or offline with activities such as trade shows, telemarketing and networking.