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5 ways to keep your email list alive

03 February 2014

  • Email Marketing

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We should all be doing email marketing. Let me make that point again, we should all be doing email marketing! It is one of the cheapest and easiest forms of digital marketing, it has fantastic results, improving visibility, authority and direct sales. However, you could end up wasting all of your effort if your mailing out to a dead list, i.e. subscribers aren't really interested in your product / service anymore, they've gone to a different supplier, changed industries or job post, etc. It’s therefore important to keep your email list fresh, clean and alive! Here are 5 ways to keep your email list alive.

1. Filter by “no opens”

If you are still sending to people 6 months after they last opened your email, then it’s reasonable to assume that they are not interested in getting your emails anymore. In most professional email marketing tools you can filter by “no opens” and put a date range in there, producing a segmentation of “active openers”. Be careful though as some email clients don't allow the tracking of opens, so I like to take the “no opens” segmentation and send them one last email asking them to opt in again, with a little explainer as to why they are receiving this email and offering up the benefits of resubscribing.

2. Import, import, import

It’s easy to forget adding new contacts to your email subscribers list, as not everyone will subscribe through your website. Remember that trade show you went to and collected a load of business cards, did you ask them if they would like to receive your newsletter promotions? Yes? Well get adding! All the new prospects you have been speaking to, did you ask them to? Start making more contacts with them by adding them to your newsletter list too.

3. Autoresponder goodness

Autoresponders are a set of emails that are sent on over a certain time period triggered by an action, for example John signs up to our newsletter and as a thank you we will send him a course of emails on search engine optimisation over the next 3 months, 1 a week. John is now engaged in a conversion with us that is on autopilot, each week waiting for the next installment of what he can be doing to improve his rankings in Google. It also means John is used to getting emails from us each week with quality content, so after a few weeks the oppurtunity of nurturing that relationship further with a offer will be far better received.

4. Run a simple competition

Everyone loves to win something, right? Running a competition through your email list can help boost open rates and re-engage lapsed and tired contacts. It has to be simple to enter, so create a single landing page with nothing else on it apart from the competition details and the entry form, then track the click throughs and form submissions and segment the people out the opened and clicked. This can help really see the true engagement figures and how is really listening to your campaigns, because if they don’t want something for free, then they probably won’t want to pay for it either.

5. Spark up a conversion

Conversation in my mind is the single most important factor about marketing, once you can start a dialogue you have engaged the person into listening to your opinion and invited them to voice theirs. This can also be done in email marketing by asking questions and then using that content posted back to you in a follow up email. Its a great way to get people that are standing shy at the back of the room to come forward and have their opinion heard.

Summing up

Email marketing is a no brainer, but its so often forgotten or not done right. Timely, well written and remarkable content will see your email list grow and be kept alive. If you only have the time for one newsletter a month, thats great, just make a time and date to always send it out so people come to expect it (I think that was an extra point for free there!). What are you waiting for? Get to it!     



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