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5 ways to boost engagement with your blog posts

30 May 2017

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Too many businesses start a blog on their website simply because they believe it to be ‘the done thing’.

Your competitors have blogs they update regularly, and you spend a fair chunk of your time reading posts published by others in the industry.

It therefore stands to reason that you need one yourself, eh?

So why aren’t people visiting it? And, of greater concern, why are those that do land on your posts only hang around for a few seconds before heading elsewhere?

The answer lies in the content you’re producing, and we’ve got five things you can do immediately to raise engagement levels on your blogs (and draw in plenty more visitors, while you’re at it):

1. Spend as much time on the headline as possible

There’s a reason you’re reading this blog post, and we’d wager it all started with the headline, which (even if we say so ourselves) works for the following reasons:

  • it’s short;
  • it’s to the point;
  • it promises an answer to a question you have;
  • it demonstrates how it will deliver that answer.

The headline is the single most important factor when it comes to boosting blog post engagement. And this stands to reason; it’s the first thing people come into contact with and should therefore make the best possible impression.

Spend as much time as you can on the headline (even if it feels like too long), and ensure it follows the same principles as ours.

2. Optimise your introduction

Again, we’ll look at this post as an example.

We’ve focused our introduction on a common issue for businesses. We want readers to begin slowly nodding their heads as they read it (“ah, yes… this feels familiar”).

Short paragraphs are also prevalent.

There’s no fluff, either - it just gets to the meat of the point straight away. Make sure your blog intros do the same and deliver immediately on the promised made by the headline.

3. Choose a great header image

Blogs are about far more than just words; the accompanying imagery is absolutely vital when it comes to creating high levels of engagement.

Depending on the subject matter, you may wish to adorn the blog with plenty of imagery. That’s fine, but it may only need one single header image, and if that’s the case, choose the most striking one you can find (Pixabay is a great source of royalty-free imagery).

4. Use bullets and short paragraphs

We noted above that short paragraphs within your blog intro are of paramount importance, but the same goes for the rest of the text.

Remember - readers tend to skim through blog posts looking for the stuff that matters to them, so make it easy to scan with short paragraphs and bullet points.

5. Go long form only when you need to

There’s a great deal of debate over how long or short blog posts should be, but the answer is alarmingly simple: make your blog post as long or short as it needs to be.

This post, for example, doesn’t breach 650 words - because it doesn’t need to. We’re not looking to create a War and Peace style tome about blog post creation - we simply want to provide you with a concise guide you can turn to when required.

If you find the ideas flowing out of you and can create a long-form blog post that’s accompanied by plenty of images - go for it. If 300 words does the trick - go for it!

Wrapping up

Blogging for business isn’t easy, but it’s immensely rewarding when you get it right - which you will, if you follow the tips above.

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