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4 ways to make your eCommerce Landing pages more compelling

25 August 2015

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Conversion Optimization is a science. It takes into account different factors that can improve conversions and finally develops a landing page, a product page or a website that is based on the winning factors.

In this article I will cover how you can optimize ecommerce landing pages for improving conversions.

1. Create a compelling copy on your site.

A compelling copy explains the benefits of the product rather than the features. People don’t buy products, they buy solutions.

A copy that stands out, improves conversions many times over. Research shows that only 16% of the people who visit a page read it word for word, with over 79% of visitors merely scanning the page.


It goes without saying that if the copy in itself is boring, even the few who actually read the page won’t bother doing that.

A compelling copy works by understanding the mind of the customer.

One of the best ways to create a compelling copy is by listening to how people describe their problems.

You can achieve this in two ways

a.) Take feedback of your customers
b.) Study product reviews

Tools like Qualaroo can help you ask questions to your visitors and you can listen to them describe their problems.

Reviews on sites like Amazon can help you identify the keywords which buyers use to describe the products and the way they describe their problems.

These product reviews you can identify the pain points of the buyers.

In this post Josh tries to identify the pain points that buyers have with a product called the dog harness.

Josh focuses on specific reviews that show how people describe the problems they are currently facing with the products in the market.

Have a look at the sentences highlighted in red.



This way he was able to identify four areas in which he could improve the existing product:

a.)   Make the harness’ neck region adjustable for easier fitting
b.)   Display correct sizing chart to minimize refunds and also help customers determine the best harness
c.)    Make harnesses for large dogs with long spines
d.)   Add swivel connector to safety belt

Identifying the pain points can help you better present a copy and include words that trigger actions.

This also helps you craft a clear cut unique selling proposition, something that clearly differentiates your competitors from what you offer.

2.     Keep a scent.

If you are advertising your site on Adwords or Facebook make sure that the landing page is similar in imagery, call to actions and copy. If you make a promise on the advert fulfill it on the landing page.

Similarly images too are quite important. If you have a different image on the ads and an entirely different image on the landing page then visitors will feel a disconnect and quickly lose interest.

Not only copy, but even in the search engine results you should never try to oversell.

A landing page is the first point of contact that a visitor has with your site. Make sure that the visitor doesn’t feel lost after seeing the landing page. The message should appear as if it has originated from the advert that you placed earlier.

If you advertised a 10% discount on your ad and there’s nothing on the landing page that mentions the discount then people lose trust.

Another thing to note is that when buying online most customers want more information.

Amazon does an especially good job at providing succinct product descriptions.


3.     Test video and quality product images

Sites like Amazon, Toys R us use video on their product pages and there are many other ecommerce sites that use video on the homepage.

Test to see if it works for you.

You can also create the same videos in different languages.

A video explains what the product does in a much better way than a product description. It’s easier to watch a video than read through a thousand words.

On Dodocase, a manufacturer for wooden cellphone accessories, each product page has an in-depth overview of the product along with a video that shows how to use the product. 


Research indicates that people are 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.

So how do you come up with great videos for your products?

a.)   Hire a professional to shoot your product videos. Proper lighting, sound and all the necessary bells and whistles.
b.)   Have images that cover a product from different angles. The product below has just one image and that too covered from just one angle.


 It’s difficult to understand how to use it.  Show how it is put together and zoom in on its best features.

Something like this:

Phicomm Energy 653 4G Black4

Phicomm Energy 653 4G Black3

Phicomm Energy 653 4G Black2

Phicomm Energy 653 4G Black 1

4.     Remove distractions

 Keep social sharing buttons at the minimum. Focus on the goal- to convert more people.

Luke Wroblewski, product director at Google, conducted a research to determine the percentage of page view clicks versus click through rates on social media sharing buttons. He found that for 18 million page views, the click through rate really was 0.25%.

Neil Patel tested his site with three, four and five different social media sharing buttons.

When he reduced the button count from 5 to 3, he was able to increase his click-through rate by 11%

All these findings lead us to conclude that the less  the distractions the merrier it is when it comes to ecommerce conversions.

If you want to improve click through rates keep distractions at the minimum.

It’s better to remove all distractions on the landing page. Also keep testing continuously.

A landing page is something that’s never complete and that which requires improvement. Over time the landing page designs get old, the copy gets boring and there are many such similar problems.

If you have a large percentage of repeat visitors then it comes doubly important to keep testing new versions.


It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to start testing your eCommerce landing pages. Doing so would lead to get more out of your existing traffic— improving sales and conversions.


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