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4 statistics that will inform your next web design project

15 May 2017

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Whether you’re planning on redesigning your business website, or have a new project on the horizon that demands its own web presence, you may be puzzled as to how the design aspect should be approached.

There are, after all, numerous bandwagons passing by extolling the virtues of the latest web design trends.

Which should you pay attention to? Which are more likely to disappear without trace over the next few months, leaving you significantly out of pocket following a big investment in your website?

Help is at hand, in the form of four killer statistics that will help you decide the direction in which to take your next web design project:

1. 62% of B2B marketers optimise their blog for mobile in order to improve SEO (source)

It’s easy to think of search engine optimisation (SEO) as a linear practice that simply deals with the website as a whole, but with Google now operating from a mobile-first index, it’s vital that you focus on mobile-readiness.

Google actively promotes websites that offer a great mobile experience and highlights those that don’t, therefore if your web design is lacking in the mobile department, you’re going to have a tough job being found.

2. 53% of users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load (source)

The statistic above comes from none other than Google, and refers principally to mobile users.

‘The need for mobile speed’ as the search giant calls it is very real indeed, and if you frustrate websites visitors from the moment they enter your domain, you’ll quickly send them packing to the competition.

The performance of your website is vitally important. That’s why you should test it relentlessly during the development phase to ensure it loads speedily on devices and screens of all shapes and sizes.

3. 59% of consumers will engage with beautiful web design over simple web design (source: Adobe, 2015)

Beauty still matters when it comes to web design. And, while keeping things simple is equally as important as the aesthetics of a website, that doesn’t mean you can get away with boring people to death via bland, inspiration-free design.

Investing in the services of a professional web design company (…ahem!) is something every business should do, because you’ll be spending money on visuals that will attract, engage and convert.

The web is still a relatively superficial place, but that’s no bad thing at all.

4. 83% of consumers surf the web on multiple devices (source)

How does your website translate from device to device? When you start browsing it on a laptop and finish up on your smartphone, is the experience coherent?

Judging by the above statistic, the majority of web surfers will readily hop between devices while they go about their business, and if you focus your website on just one form of design - even if it’s mobile - you’ll present problems for them.

Responsive design remains a stalwart of the web for this very reason; continue to take advantage of the many benefits it offers!

Wrapping up

Remember - great web design should get you in front of the right audience, keep them captivated and ensure they end up hitting that all-important call-to-action button.

The statistics above are just a snippet of what modern web design is all about, but they should help inform your next project. However, if you still need help, just get in touch with our friendly web design team in Northants!


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