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2020, what a year that was!

11 December 2020

2020 will no doubt for all of us be remembered for the year of Covid-19. I am sure that we all entered 2020 full of hope, optimism, belief and even excitement.


How could any of us predict what was actually going to happen? It certainly will be the year that we will never forget.


Who out there before 2020 knew what a Corona Virus actually was?

Who out there had come across the term Lock down as part of a general life situation?

Who out there had experienced standing on their front steps clapping for carers!

Who could have imagined not being able to see our loved ones?

Pubs shut, hotels shut, restaurants shut, shops shut, banks shut, the high street empty , the motorways empty and planes grounded! Life put on hold.


At the time of writing we are living with renewed optimism for 2021 with the first vaccine being administered and various others on the horizon. None of us know what damage will have been done to the economies throughout the world or our general mental health but we do live in hope of a brighter future.


What have Newedge been up to in the year that never was…?


The year started with us working feverishly to launch a brand new website for Newedge. The first change for almost six years.

In the strangest of years we have found ourselves going live with 25 brand new websites (averaging more than 2 a month) and not having a single month when we did not make a website live. May was our busiest (maddest!) with 6 new websites going live. All of this has been done while working remotely since the middle of March. We like many of our customer’s have got used to ‘meeting’ on ZOOM and Teams. Training has truly gone Digital!


Our new website successes during 2020.

  • Jan–
  • Feb– and
  • Mar-,,
  • Apr-
  • May- (St. Andrews Healthcare),,,, and
  • Jun-
  • Jul-
  • Aug-
  • Sep- and
  • Oct-,, and
  • Nov-
  • Dec-


The above is a huge achievement from the team and a show of dedication to Newedge and more importantly our customers.


However, Newedge is not just about designing and building websites. We also provide Digital Marketing services to many of our customers as well as host over 100 websites. This has continued, uninterrupted throughout the year.


We are optimistic for a much better and safer World for us all in 2021. At Newedge, we will continue to design and build fantastic SEO friendly websites, provide Digital Marketing services for our customers and continue to provide a secure and reliable hosting service for all our customers.


We wish you all a safe and enjoyable Christmas and here’s to a happy and prosperous 2021 for us all!


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