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10 ways entrepreneurs can get more leads from their blogs

05 March 2015

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There are no hard and fast rules when blogging on a company or personal website, as long as you have a reasonable level of English, and you’re able to communicate it’s really straightforward. If you’re not feeling too confident to begin with, confidence will come over time the more you write and you will be in a routine in no time.

Talk about what you know

It can be hard thinking of decent subject matter when starting a blog, but if you’re doing a business blog - although it sounds obvious, write about subject matter that you know about, people often search the web wanting more information about a particular subject matter and any in depth insights can be beneficial.

Talk about what you’re passionate about

 Similar to the point above, you’re only going to be convincing to your audience if you either know in great detail what you want to write about or you are writing about something that you love.

Discuss a customer query in more detail

A blog can also be an area to answer any FAQ’s from your clients, if there is a particular subject or query that occur regularly that can be addressed by the customer themselves providing a guide can free up the resource of your staff. Directing people to a recent blog post or title can save a lot of time, and may also be more beneficial to the client, being a resource that can be accessible anytime.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bore

Not very good at being creative? It doesn’t really matter if you’re not too creative when it comes to writing, as long as you know what you are talking about, the quality of your blog information will come through. Although writing about the latest industry trend my be a yawn for some people, there are people out there that will appreciate it.

Build a Presence - Socially

Over time you will see you social media followers grow, although it may be slow to begin with even over a couple of years, slowly build your followers which in turn will boost your readership.

Give away Industry Information

Although you feel that you may be letting some of your industry secrets out of the blog, realistically you are more likely to gain more respect, likes and recognition of your posts which may potentially be a positive conversion for your business.

Trending Subject Matter

Talking about something that is a current trending occurrence online can be a good way to generate additional readers, linking in references and comparisons to pop culture is also a fun way to right about something, or a way to makes a drab subject matter more interesting.

Use a Practical, Easy to Use CMS

If you have a company website that was created for bespoke functionality, having an area to blog on and post information about relevant news should really be integrated into a website. Popular open source platforms such as Wordpress do also offer this level of functionality, essentially making it easy to post content when and where you like. If this currently isn't part of your website, you should really look into a solution with your local web company.

Understand Audience & Consistency

It is important to get into the mind set of certain readers to appreciate how your post can help, think of who your content may appeal to, other business owners? A potential client? Once you have decided what type of person you are righting for, planning the writing will be a little easier. Once you have picked up a regular audience of readers, it's important to keep your writing style consistent, or keep with the factors that readers comment on the most.

Formatting & Easy Reading

You will find that a majority of the time visitors won’t be reading every word of your post, but skim read your post to find the information that they are looking for. This is why the formatting of your writing needs to be neat and tidy. Also try breaking your writing up into paragraphs with heading to help your readers find what they are looking for and add images where applicable if you feel that it relates to what you’re writing. This will help keep your visitors on for a little longer as they are more likely to read for longer if they feel that your post can help.


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