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10 Ideas on How to Use Twitter

02 March 2015

Twitter can be used for a wealth of things, for personal or business use, but at times can be overwhelming with the amount of information being displayed. Twitter is essentially a live feed, which can give quick snippets of information from groups of people brands and individuals. We’ve suggested a few things of how to use Twitter for both commercial and personal uses as well as something that can be used as both.


Basically if you’re new to Twitter and not really sure how it works, the # (hash tag) is used to identify what people, organisation or theme that you want to talk about. Being able to read a Twitter feed takes a short time and may seem a little more complex than reading ordinary English but with only 140 characters there is only so much information that be transmitted across. Hash tags can be created by anyone and can be used to make certain words and themes easily searchable.


The @ signal is used to directly talk to someone or mention an already existing person, company brand or Twitter page. Sometimes if you think that a friend may appreciate a post of website, identifying their @name can bring it to their attention. This can be used to communicate with larger brands, groups or high profile figure.

Keeping an Eye on Competitors

Following a business competitor is a good way to keep an eye on any promotions that they may be offering, which can be a benefit if you really want to get competitive with pricing and offers. It is a very cheap and quick alternative for competitor analysis for dozens of companies within your sector, as well as noting any popular social media efforts that they’re adopting.

Communicating with Customers

Rather than filling up customers inboxes with dozens of emails talking about your recent promotion, Twitter can be used to update a clients that are part of your community of offers, and often a short line of information can be enough to win visitors around, 140 characters is plenty of room to tell people you have a massive 50% reduction on stock.

Company Mentions

It’s good to know when people are talking about your business, both positive and negative. If you have a large enough brand people may use hash tags to refer to your company name, whilst checking in to a location or moaning to friends about a bad experience, for example “I had the worst customer service experience today with #BT” Either way it’s still important to identify these issues in order to provide a solution internally for your business.

Saying Hello to Friends & Followers

Although you may not have anything interesting to share or picture to post online, Twitter can be simply be an excellent tool to communicate with your friends, group of people or customers based, or if you just wanted to say hello and update the world on what you’re doing.


Although the Internet is littered with websites and companies reporting the weather for the day or week ahead, it’s good to get instant feedback of what is actually happening in your area as the forecasts aren’t completely accurate. These are really good feeds updating live.


Most information or news websites have a twitter account now which feeds through snippets of information, if you’re very much into getting live up-to-the-minute information of any big or local news then connecting via Twitter may be a good solution.

Job Posting

Hash tags can be powerful tools for finding potential staff in the marketplace and far cheaper than using job sites or job agencies. If the potential job seeker is savvy enough they will be looking for relevant hash tags in their area, for example “@newedgemedia are #recruiting now for a #webdesigner in #kettering contact us”.

Road News

It can be frustrating getting stuck in traffic and at times if you’ve been sitting in it for some time it’s good knowing what’s going on for peace of mind or planning ahead for your morning commute is a good use. The great thing about Twitter is that you don’t need to wait for the radio to update you of situations, updates are often made by other roads users which can give quick snippets of information live. Other organisations such as the local police and ambulance services often use Twitter as a way to communicate with the locals. @Traffic_M1 is an example of how it can be used to notify followers of issues and congestion.

Dealing with Complaints

Social media offers a good way to communicate with clients, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular channel for people to vent anger and frustration online. It is often beneficial to be honest and address these problems head on if you are experiencing complaints through this medium, by offering a solution for them online from a PR point of view this shows audiences that there is a voice behind large brands, which can turn in your companies favour.


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