Grow my ecommerce revenue

With more sales, higher average basket values and more repeat purchases.

Higher average order values

Every ecommerce sale has the potential to upsell and cross-sell. We use a data driven approach to bump up the average order values based on recommending complementary products, playing with free shipping thresholds to get more in the basket and recommending the right products at the right time throughout the buying experience.

More loyal customer base

Repeat purchases are the lifeblood of most ecommerce businesses. We use Mailchimp and Ecommerce360 to mine data and recommend products based on previous purchase history to target specific segments and keep your customers coming back.

Frictionless buyer experience

Everything from finding relevant, in stock products to checking out should leave the buyers thinking “that was easy”. If your website doesn’t feel like that right now, then you’ll be dropping sales all over the place and missing revenue generating opportunities.

Blending content and commerce

We’ll admit, there is only so much you can say about a piece of string, but in some industries you really can put exciting content together that is product relevant and will help attract and convert a new set of buyers. From video “box openings” to in-depth how to guides and customer reviews, you need to ensure your supply content that helps buyers make informed decisions and believe your product solves their challenge or desire.

Expanding into new online marketplaces

Getting exposure on giant marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay can lead to greatly improved sales. Of course they’ll take a cut, but with many marketplace integrations you can increase your margins to account for this.

Sell on mobiles and tablets

Is your ecommerce store suitable for mobiles? What are the load times likes? Can you easily search for products? How about checking out? Don’t put barriers in the way of people using the devices they want to buy your products. Make sure your website is fully mobile responsive and test it on as many devices as you can. A great project is the Open Device Lab where you can book time to test your website on loads of devices.

Pathway to success content image

Pathway to success

  • Request a Free Digital Audit website review
  • Audit your ecommerce store with the above pointers in mind
  • Recommendations for change
  • Put your team together and implement the plan
  • Track, measure and improve the plan continuously

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