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Fed up with poor Google rankings? We’ll give your website the exposure it deserves.

What we Do SEO 10.75x

Ranking top of the Search Engines

Ensuring your business website appears on page one of Google has become increasingly difficult. Gone are the days of tricking the search giant into ranking your website with some cleverly placed keywords.

To get your website ranking, you need the team at Newedge. You're time-poor; you have no interest in delving into the intricacies of SEO. We get that. It’s why we’re here, and we’d love to help you achieve the best ranking possible on Google.

Understanding you and your market

We’ve worked with businesses across a diverse range of industries. Large and small, those firms have achieved stellar, consistent Google rankings thanks to our team. But we can only help them once we understand the market they’re in.

Newedge may have worked in your market before, or it might be entirely new to us. Regardless, we’ll approach your website as we always do - with a fresh mind.

Before any work is undertaken, we’ll sit down with you and get under the skin of your market and audience.

What we do Digital review and assessment 10.75x
What we do Digital review and assessment 50.75x

Website UX review

Beautiful websites can also be a pain to use. We’ve all experienced this when we find a website that appears to offer everything needed but which is near impossible to navigate.

Can you say with certainty that the user experience (UX) you’re offering visitors to your website is one that will result in consistent leads and sales?

As part of our service, we’ll ‘play customer’ and undertake a thorough UX review of your website. Expect ultra-honesty!

Market and competitor review

No matter how fierce your competition might be, we’ll work hard to understand what they’re getting right and where they’re missing the mark. Then, we’ll help you capitalise on their mistakes and missed opportunities.

We’ll do the same with your market, too. The Newedge team knows how to immerse itself in markets of all shapes and sizes and can use its considerable experience in competitor and industry analysis to work out how your website can stand head and shoulders above the rest.

What we do Digital marketing consultancy 10.75x
What we do Digital Marketing 10.75x

On-site SEO (H1s, meta elements, and more)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t the dark art some agencies would have you believe, but it does require a great deal of experience and expertise if you’re to get it right. After all, do you really care about the state of your H1 tags, meta descriptions and alt image tags?

To ensure your website ranks consistently well, its on-site SEO elements will need a thorough review. It might be in good shape, but can you say that for certain?

If the last SEO work was undertaken during the website build, it’ll be dated and in need of an overhaul - trust us.

Content Marketing

Content is king. And if you’ve already heard that several times recently, it’s because it’s one of the only certainties in digital marketing.

If you haven’t invested time in content marketing, now is the time to do so. Google loves great, unique content, and websites that don’t regularly publish it will quickly fall down the rankings.

We’ve run content marketing campaigns for a huge range of clients and can ensure your business becomes a trusted authority within its field - and loved by Google.

What we do Content marketing 50.75x 1
What we do Social media marketing 50.75x 1

Social Media Marketing

Social media is far more than a platform on which to develop your company’s voice - it’s an important part of SEO, too.

Unfortunately, far too many social media strategies start with the best intentions, only to be left to fester, resulting in dead feeds and no discernible indication as to whether or not the company is actually still in business.

We understand how social media impacts your search rankings and can take this often laborious but essential task off your hands.

Authority growth

We live in a world where the customer really is king. Rather than being drawn in by traditional adverts, they’ll look for social proof that businesses are worth trusting.

Guess what? Google does the same.

This is known as authority, and the greater authority your website has, the more likely Google is to take note and push you up the rankings. It’s not easy and takes time, but we know exactly how to increase your website’s authority.

What we do Social media marketing 70.75x 1
Digital challenge Generate more sales leads 40 v2.75x

Pathway to success

Ready for the Newedge team to help your website rank as it should? Book a discovery session with us today. The process is super-simple:

  • We’ll start with a one-to-one session where we work with you to understand your business, its competitors and the audience you’re trying to reach
  • We’ll write a detailed scope document and begin planning resources
  • We’ll start work on the elements that will positively impact your search rankings
  • We’ll test, analyse and review to ensure those rankings are maintained