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With our expertise, you’ll open an engaging online store that will convert more visitors into paying customers than you ever thought possible.

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Sell to thousands online

If you want to tap into a huge audience of ready made buyers, you need a website designed, built and powered by Newedge. Let us help open your digital doors.

A bespoke eCommerce experience

We don’t provide pre-built online shop templates or simply replicate what others have done. If you approach Newedge for an eCommerce platform, we’ll deliver one that is bespoke and designed entirely for your audience and business goals.

What we do Landing pages 30.75x
Digital challenge Update my own website 30.75x

Retain full control over your stock

We know that prices change, products get updated and new lines come on board all of the time. That’s why you need to have full control over the stock you advertise, and we’ll provide training for how to make lightning-fast adjustments to your website.

Built on an SEO-ready CMS

Every online store we create is built on the Silverstripe content management system (CMS). It’s our CMS of choice because we can create completely bespoke websites that have search engine optimisation (SEO) built-in from the ground-up.

What we Do SEO 10.75x
What we Do Lead generation 10.75x

Designed for sales

We don’t just design websites for the sake of them looking pretty (although we’re perfectly capable of that!). We design websites so they stand the best chance of delivering you lots of healthy, consistent sales.

Ready to grow with you

You have big plans for your online store - we get that. It’s why the eCommerce platform we build for you will be designed to grow as your business grows. There’s no limit on products or inventory and you can take advantage of additional functionality as and when you need it.

What we do Landing pages 50.75x
What we do Website support and customer service 10.75x

With you every step of the way

Once we’ve designed, built and launched your new website, we won’t simply disappear. Just as we’re with you every step of the way during the early days, we’ll be there in the future for design changes, advice and any SEO help you might need.

Pathway to success

  • Book a demo of our Silverstripe-powered online shopping experience
  • Undertake a discovery session that will help us scope out the project and build a prototype
  • We’ll design your new online store
  • We’ll help load the content and products onto your store
  • The store will be tested across major browsers and devices
  • You’ll go live whenever is right for you and have access to the CMS to update the store as and when you need to
Digital challenge Generate more sales leads 40 v3.75x