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We all want to grow our business and achieve success...

Digital challenge Generate more sales leads 10.75x

Need help getting more Leads?

The question is, honestly, what are you actively doing right now to reach your goals?
There are some fundamentals we need to get right…

Is your website visible to target buyers?

Firstly do you know who you target buyers are? If not, we’ll need to create a few buyer personas so you can visualise who you’re trying to attract, capture and convert on your website. Next we’ll need to ensure those target buyers can see your website, in Google and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter or wherever else they hangout.

Digital challenge Generate more sales leads 20.75x

Are you talking about yourself too much?

Too often we see business websites that are all “me me me”, i.e. they are talking about the features of their product or service and how great they are. This may be exciting to the company but is it what your customers or potential customers are interested in? What your visitors are looking for are solutions to their challenges. You need to build enough perceived trust through your website that they will want to fill in a data capture form and you can start marketing and selling to them.

How many landing pages does your website have?

Business that have 40+ landing pages get 5x more sales leads. A landing page exists for a single specific purpose and is accompanied by a marketing campaign to attract people into an offer which they either say yes please, or no to. We need to make sure you have an attractive offer, that speaks to the right people at the right time.

Digital challenge Generate more sales leads 30.75x

What value are your giving your website visitors?

Go to your website right now, browse all the pages, then come back here and ask yourself the question again. Is it clear what we do? Does the website engage with our visitors?  Does it encourage my visitors to interact with me? Am I giving any value to my visitors? Did you learn anything to help solve a perceived challenge? Are you likely to trust that company? Would you visit the website again? Would you recommend the site to any of your friends or colleagues? How many times did you say 'yes'...honestly?

Digital challenge Generate more sales leads 40.75x

Pathway to success

  • Undergo a digital review and assessment to get to bottom of why you’re failing
  • Identify the barriers and friction that’s causing non-conversions
  • Develop a measurable action plan to reduce friction and remove barriers
  • Create and build your lead generation website
  • Attract, capture and convert new sales leads
  • Continually measure, analyse and reiterate