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Being able to update my own website

With a Silverstripe content management system (CMS) you can manage your whole website

Have you recently asked your web developer to update your website and it's taken them forever to respond? Then take control of your website with a content management system.

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Save cost and time delays

Waiting on any 3rd party will also incur a time and process bottleneck and usually incur costs. If you just want to add new pages to your website there is no need to be paying for that. With a full Content Management System (CMS) you can add almost unlimited pages to your website without ever paying a penny more, and best of all you can do it yourself. 

It's simple and easy to do and the SilverStripe CMS is intuitive and future proofed. 

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Quick and easy page management

Within your Content Management System you’ll have a range of different page templates to choose from, like homepage, about us, services, news holder, news detail etc. By using predefined page templates you remove the need to design the page yourself, instead just fill in a few boxes and the page designs itself based on your pre-existing design theme.  We also provide a block design function with our SilverStripe CMS that gives you freedom to 'get creative' should you wish too while still maintaining your style integrity and your fully mobile responsive design.  Every design element on every page is made available for you to use through your CMS.

Get the whole team on board

The point of having a Content Management System (CMS) is to keep content fresh, keep it updated and provide a method for your whole team being able to do it easily and quickly. You can even have approval workflows to ensure the quality of content is right before it gets published.

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Update your website from anywhere

As your Content Management System is a web application it means you can access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection - which is great for making changes on the go, or having agencies work on your marketing from outside of your office.

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Search engine and social media friendly

Our Content Management System have been designed and built to be SEO friendly and includes technology such as Open Graph which controls how people share your page on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Our CMS comes with built in SEO friendly web addresses, page caching (a way to improve load speeds), on-site SEO tools, automatic redirects, custom redirects, and all meta controls as well as many other SEO friendly features.

Designs changes made easier

The way our Content Management System is built means we separate our design from content and database structures. If you want to update your website in a couple of years time with a new design you won’t have to rewrite the whole site, only the design part, which can easily be extracted and replaced.

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Pathway to success

  • Book a demonstration of SilverStripe Content Management System
  • Undertake a Discovery Session to build a prototype and project scope
  • Design your new looking website
  • Implement the content management system
  • Load your content onto the CMS
  • Test your new website on multiple devices and browsers
  • Go live and continually use your CMS to keep content fresh

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