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Migrate Web & Email to Newedge

It's great to have you on board and we are looking forward to getting your website safely across to the Newedge Servers. 

To ensure your migration goes smoothly we need to collect some vital details. Please use the form on this page to submit them. 

What we need to know and have:

  • Control Panel Access to current server - To be able to check configuration options
  • FTP Access - To be able to download your website files
  • PHPMYADMIN or a .SQL of your current MYSQL database - To migrate your database
  • DNS Access to your Domain Name - So we can repoint it at Newedge servers
    • If you wish to transfer your domain name to Newedge, please let us know - most clients will keep it with their current registrar and we alter the DNS records to point at our servers.
  • Details of any specific set up requirements (such as Cron Jobs), which your current supplier should be able to help with.
  • Email hosting details (only if you wish to transfer emails to us)

We look forward to migrating your digital services safely and securely. 





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