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Hosting - Move your site

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Has the time come to move on?

We completely understand that sometimes you need to move your website from Newedge and we want to make it a smooth transition for you.

In order to achieve this we have developed the following package which is available to all clients who wish to migrate away from Newedge. 


Backup of Files & Database Supplied (Web Link) - £400

  • We back up all files within your web space 
  • We export your MYSQL database as a .SQL file
  • We archive these as a .RAR file
  • We upload the RAR file to your webspace with Newedge and supply you with a download link via our support ticketing system



  • Can we have FTP and CPanel Access? No. Newedge provide fully managed hosting and do not allow FTP or CPanel access to any 3rd party whatsoever. This protects our servers against file uploads which could damage our infrastructure and put other clients at risk.  It also forms part of our GDPR policy.
  • Can we migrate our domain name away from Newedge too? Yes. If you would like to migrate your domain name away from Newedge please complete this form.
  • Can we migrate our emails away from Newedge too? Yes. If you would like to migrate your emails away from Newedge please complete this form.


  • All prices are + VAT.
  • Service notice periods will apply
  • We may audit your website (if complex in nature) to ensure we can still migrate it within the costs quoted above (90% of the time there are NO additional charges).
  • We will make your aware of any additional charges before starting any work. 
  • All migration payments are required in advance of any work being carried out and payable by BACS.
  • We will confirm to you the exact migration date in the proceeding support ticket.
  • Your account will need to be settled in full with cleared funds prior to completion of migration.